What's Happening?

As we all know, on December 21st, 2012, the world as we know it will come to an end. To help the public better understand the coming apocalypse we have researched the exact science behind 2012. Read through this information, arm yourself with knowledge, and hope you can use it to increase your chances of survival.

The Mayan Calendar

Many who claim the world won't end in 2012 are ignorant to the factual predictions that base this catastrophe in science. As you may have heard before, the Maya did predict the earths doom hundreds of years ago. But how? The mayans were an incredibly advanced civilization, particularly in the fields of astronomy. They observed, charted and predicted regular cycles of astral activity to a degree of accuracy that leaves even modern scientists baffled. It was on their Long Count Calendars that they recorded these predictions. The Mayan Calendar you may have already heard of refers to these calendars. The reason we know these calendars to be a sign of our doom is that the Maya, with all of thier astronomical knowledge, recorded no date later than December 21st, 2012. Why is that? Top Scientists researching this have concluded that the Maya predicted the end using their vast knowledge of the stars. But the real question is: what could cause the end of the world?

Planet Nibiru

While the Maya indeed predicted our doom hundreds of years ago, the exact way in which our world will be destroyed was unknown until the mid nineties. We now know the agent of our doom to be Planet Nibiru, or Planet X. This immense planetoid is currently far out in space, however, come December 2012 it will complete its journey to earth, bringing destruction along with it. While it is unknown whether Planet X will actually collide with earth or nearly miss, the Earth stands no chance of survival either way, as a near miss from a massive planetoid such as Planet X would cause unfathomable damage to our planet. Planet X's gravitational force will cause the seas to form gigantic tidal waves, all communication grids will be knocked out and the earths axis will most likely be shifted all together.